T-LINK lens & Helmet

T-Link Technology

• T-Link Technology totally innovates the use of the common electronic welding helmet. It works on continuous data exchange through Blue-Tooth®, between the filter placed on a helmet and the torch. This causes the darkening of the filter before starting the arc. Compared to other common auto darkening lenses that have a flash exposure of .15 to .40 microseconds which is enough to cause permanent damage to the eye.
• With T-Link technology the exposure zero.

Benefits/Technical Data:

• Blue-tooth “Dialogue” between power source and filter.
• Transitions before starting the arc.
• NO eye exposure to flash.
• LCD auto-darkening filter can be used on a standard welding helmet.
• Dimensions :4.33” x 3.5” x .3”
• Charger plug and solar cells built in.
• Switch on and off with one button.
• Not effected by pulse arc or high frequency.
• 40 hours of working time on fully charged battery.
• Fully charges in 1 hour.
• 2 light sensors ensure standard ADF safety when working without t-Link mode.
• In case of empty batteries, the lens continues to work safely.