TECNA 3546 Patented Infrared Heat Debonder

TECNA 3546 Patented Infrared Heat Debonder

The Problem:
The use of structural adhesives in the automotive industry has created a new challenge for the collision repair shop. These adhesives are a long, difficult, time consuming process. Avoiding damage to adjacent parts is difficult. The old school methods hammer and chisel and open flame is primitive at best. Time, damage and safety is compromised.

Solution: TECNA has designed, developed and patented a new technology of Infrared Heating for the removal of adhesives fast and safely.

How it works: Simply stated; localized radiate heating of the adhesive allowing easy and safe detachment.

• No electromagnetic field are generated.
• Water cooler keeps a constant temperature.
• Limited diffusion of heat prevents altering the glues and paint on other parts on the vehicle.
• Use on any type of material STEEL, ALUMINUM, CARBON, PLASTICS.

The technology:
• Operator controls the temperature, duration and heating power.
• Save these “synergic curves” into a program file for quick set up.
• Pre-set parameters.
• USB interface for uploading new de-bonding upgrades.
• NO-Contact temperature sensor allows moderating the heat for temperature control.

USE it to BOND: Reverse the process to reduce the time needed for the polymerization “cure” of the new adhesive repair.


• Power: 230 Volt 60 HZ-3-phase and 400 volt, 50 Hz, 3-phase +N
• Power output :15KW
• Cooling system: Air
• Touch Screen Display
• Adjustments: Power, Temperature, Duration
• Lamp power 4.8 KW
• Lamp life 5000 hours
• Pyrometer temperature controller